Residential Summer String Camp Timetable

RSSC 2018 Timetable

The timetable for the 28th Residential Summer String Camp has some changes from previous years. We believe these will improve the camp. We also apologise for announcing these changes so close to the date that the camp begins.

All lunches and dinners are starting 30 minutes earlier. This includes lunch on the final day of the camp. The concert after lunch will also begin 30 minutes earlier:

The concert on the 20th of January 2018 will begin at 1:30pm.

Concert guests may begin arriving on-site and entering the Stadium from 1:00pm.

The concert will end at approximately 3:00pm.

These and other changes are described in the revised Information Sheets.

Download RSSC 2018 Information Sheets (PDF)

We strongly recommend reading them this week. This is also a good time to make sure that you have all the items listed under “What to Bring” on page 2.

Other changes introduced in these Information Sheets:

  • The contact telephone number to use for urgent calls or SMS has changed.
  • Announcements at the start of the camp on the 14th of January 2018 will be made in the Dining Room at 6:15pm.
  • RSSC administrative staff will usually be found in the Dining Room, not the Office.
  • Outside of rehearsal times, adults may leave the site as usual. However, you must sign in and out with the administrative staff in the Dining Room so we know who is on-site.
  • If you were wondering what you will do instead of chamber music, that is also covered.

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