Children:  You will be allocated to a cabin/room at registration, and every effort will be made to place you with your friends as requested on the application form. All cabins/rooms for the under 18’s will have their own bathroom.
One adult Camp Parent is allocated to each cabin.

Adult Accommodation:  (Please note – there are no single rooms)
There is space on the application form where you can request to share with your spouse or friends.
Parents attending with children should expect to share a room with other adults, the children being accommodated with other children of their own age.
Occasionally there are self-contained units are available for parents with young families.

Wheelchair Access:  Most of the main areas are accessible by wheelchair.  There is one bedroom that has a bathroom suitable for users of wheelchairs.

Camping:  Camp Clayton’s facilities include a camping area suitable for tents and camper-vans with access to showers and toilets.  There are a also a few separate areas for motor-homes and caravans needing electrical hookups.

Staying Off-site: Those who live locally may wish to sleep off-site.

Please note that there is a small reduction of the fees for people staying off-site or camping, but that there are no self-catering options offered (see ‘Meals’).

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