Chamber Music and Electives

Chamber Music:

Chamber music develops some special skills:

  • learning to keep time without a conductor, by listening to other parts and adapting your own to match
  • developing your own interpretation of the music

During the Chamber Group rehearsals tutors will guide you through learning a piece, then polishing it.

Everyone will have the chance to perform their pieces during mealtimes towards the end of the camp.

For the 2020 camp there will be three categories for Chamber Music:

  • String Quartet
  • Beginner Cello Choir
  • Advanced Cello Choir

If you wish to play in a pre-formed ensemble please send an email to Margaret Hoban before 25/12/2019 (

Similarly: Cellists –  if you have a preference to play in a String Quartet or a Choir please send an email to Margaret Hoban before 25/12/19 to express your preference (

This is a guide to give you an idea of what Electives will be available at the 2020 camp:

  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Celtic Fiddling
  • Aural Training