The Residential Summer String Camp is fully catered, giving you maximum time to concentrate on the music.

Mealtimes are an integral part of the Camp. They are the only times everyone is in the same room – a great chance to catch up, to make announcements and give notices.
Also, towards the end of the week there will be chamber groups and quartets playing during the mealtimes.

The Residential Summer String Camp is unusual in that tutors and musicians eat with the students and non-musicians – in many camps the “staff” remain quite separate.

For these reasons there is no self-catering option at the Residential Summer String Camp.

Camp Clayton cater for all different kinds of dietary requirements. They are very accustomed to gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc.

People who have asked for a specialised diet go to a completely different queue and are given individual meals that are specifically for them.

Fruit and snacks will be provided at morning and afternoon tea and at supper, but people wishing to have special (eg gluten-free) snacks are advised to bring their own.

Soy milk and almond milk, as well as the usual dairy milk, will be available for all meals.

Camp Clayton have a detailed diet request form which they take very seriously.  When you fill it in, specify everything that you do or do not want Рthey are very accommodating.
You can find the form here.