Tutors and Conductors for the 2020 Camp will be posted here – watch this space!
Here is a list of the excellent Tutors and Conductors that came to the 2019 Camp:


Maria Grenfell – Preludio Strings

Margaret Hoban – Melaleuca Orchestra

Willem van der Vis – Lemonthyme Orchestra

Mary Sorlie – Freycinet Orchestra


Heidi Barker

Lucy Carrig-Jones

Ziah Cooper

Maria Grenfell

Tom Hamilton

Margaret Hoban

Christopher John

David Sanzone

Sarah Scheermeijer

Mary Sorlie


Christine Akerman

Will Newbery

Madeline Nichols

Jo St Leon


James Anderson

Laura Handler

Lachlan Johnson

Willem van der Vis

Double Bass

Isabella Brown

Timothy Hoban


David Malone

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