About the LYCO


The Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra Inc. operates in the city of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. It runs three orchestras (the Piccolo Strings, the Intermezzo Strings and the Launceston Symphony Orchestra), and organises two annual music camps (the Residential Summer String Camp and the Winter Orchestra Workshop).

Mission Statement

The Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra (LYCO) exists so that people of all ages and musical abilities can enjoy playing orchestral music together. Our perspective is that the major orchestral works of the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries stand tall amongst the great human works of art, and that they are best experienced by rehearsing them in preparation for performance and performing them. LYCO consists of orchestras providing for people of all ages and from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life who are united by a common purpose: to make music together.

LYCO achieves its mission by:

  1. Aiming for musical excellence – to perform great music as well as we can.
  2. Providing a welcoming, warm, encouraging and supportive environment for all members. While LYCO will encourage members to improve, it will endeavour to not put individuals under excessive performance pressure.
  3. Providing opportunities for members to improve their musical understanding and musical skills, particularly ensemble skills. In some cases, LYCO may hire orchestral instruments to members so they are able to learn to play them.
  4. Being an advocate for community music and for orchestral music, seeking to enhance the understanding and appreciation of community music and orchestral music. LYCO will be very open to working with other groups in the community with similar objectives.


Barratts Music, Launceston

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LYCO would also like to acknowledge the support of Barratts Music.

Further Information

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