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Sheet music showing timpani roll within Haydn's Symphony No. 103.

2018 Winter Orchestra Workshop Applications Open

The main work will the Symphony No. 103 in E♭ Major. Whose Symphony No. 103? Only one composer to date has written 103 different symphonies, so it must be Joseph Haydn.

The camp will run from the afternoon of 6th July 2018 (Friday) to 8th July 2018 (Sunday).

Other details may be found on the Winter Orchestra Workshop page.

To apply, use the new Winter Orchestra Workshop Application Form.

The 2017 Winter Orchestra Workshop Begins

Some final notes for those attending the camp, friends and family…


If you need to contact us during the camp:


Applicants will have received a complete timetable for the camp in e-mail.

7th July 2017 (Friday)

5:00pm Start arriving
6:00pm Evening meal
7:30pm Orchestra rehearsal
9:00pm Supper

9th July 2017 (Sunday)

1:30pm Open rehearsal begins
3:00pm Camp ends
4:00pm Leave site by this time

Rehearsals, including the open rehearsal, will all be held in the Assembly Hall. This room is in the same building as the Camp Clayton Office and the Dining Room. It is to the left of the Camp Clayton Reception and to the right of the Dining Room Foyer.

What to Bring

The complete list of what to bring is in the Information Sheets.

During the camp we will be reading from the Bärenreiter Urtext edition of the Beethoven Symphony No. 3. You are no longer required to bring your own sheet music.

As of Friday morning, the weather forecast for Ulverstone gives an 80% chance of rain on Friday, 60% on Saturday and 20% on Sunday. We recommend packing a raincoat.

Temperatures will range from 3°C to 12°C. Pack sheets, blankets, sleeping bags and hot water bottles accordingly.