Information Sheets Reminder

With the 25th Residential Summer String Camp beginning on Sunday, 18th January 2015, it is a good time for campers and parents to take another look at the Information Sheets, found at the link below.

RSSC 2015 Information Sheets (PDF)

While all of the Information Sheets are relevant, please be particularly sure that:

  1. You have everything under “What to bring” (page 2).
  2. You know how to get there (page 3).
  3. Any guests you will bring to the concerts know the time and place for those (page 6).

Please also review the Code of Conduct you agreed to follow when you signed the application form:

RSSC 2015 Application Form (Child) (PDF)

RSSC 2015 Application Form (Adult) (PDF)

The Code of Conduct begins on page 6 of the child form and page 5 of the adult form, but is the same for all campers.

Before packing for the camp, also take a moment to read the Code of Conduct section titled “Annoying or Dangerous Items”.

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