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Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra


LYCO acknowledges the wealth of experience and expertise brought to the RSSC  by the tutors and conductors who have either played with or are current members of the TSO.
LYCO is also grateful for the TSO’s gift of  three subscriptions to their 2021 programme, and generous ongoing commitment to support the Bursary Fund.

Tasmanian Mountain Waters

Tasmanian Mountain Waters logo

Tasmanian Mountain Waters have generously donated a pallet of water to the Camp for many years for which we are very grateful.  It is hard work practising music, and it is wonderful to be able to encourage Campers to stay hydrated with this natural spring water.

Barratts Music, Launceston

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LYCO is grateful for Barratts Music  who generously donate to the Bursary Fund.


Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Friends

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Foster’s Music Centre, Burnie

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McCann’s Music, Hobart

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Derwent Symphony Orchestra

Southern Tasmanian Community Orchestra

Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra