Itinerary (from 2024)

When to arrive:

  • Registration will be from 3pm on Sunday, 7th January in the foyer of the Dining Room
    • please do not arrive before 3pm!
  • Dinner will be at 5:30pm
  • first Orchestra Rehearsal of the Camp will be at 7:00pm

If you will be late for Registration please email

Sunday Schedule:

  • Registration from 3pm on Sunday, 7th January 
    Please do not arrive before 3pm

Daily Schedule:

  • here is the Schedule for the 2024 Camp showing a typical full day (Monday to Friday)


  • the Camp concert will take place at 1:30pm on Saturday 13th January
    more details can be found here

When to leave:

  • Camp will finish at around 3pm on Saturday 13th January after the concert