Chamber Music and Electives

Instrumental Ensembles…
As well as the Orchestras, players will be placed in a second Ensemble based on their instrument. For example, Cello players will join and perform in a Cello Ensemble. Violins will split into two separate ensembles based on playing level/experience.
These ensembles will focus on more refined playing techniques unique to each instrument.
These ensembles will rehearse for an hour each day throughout the week. Each ensemble will then perform in an informal concert on Friday evening.

For those who want to play more music…

Celtic Fiddling / Gypsy Jazz
Players will learn about the structures and procedures of Celtic/Gypsy Jazz playing and performing techniques. A great chance to practice and refine memory playing and improvisation.
Pre-Organised Chamber Groups
Players are welcome to form small chamber groups. Each group will be given an allocated space for rehearsing. Tutors will be available to work with chamber groups focusing on ensemble skills unique to small group playing. Groups can arrive with pre-chosen music, or music and individual parts can be provided.
Celtic Fiddling / Gypsy Jazz and Chamber Groups can perform their pieces during meal times upon request.

*It will be possible to switch/swap between electives throughout the week.

For those who need a break from music making…
Sessions for those who would like a break from playing and would like some
quiet and relaxation may be added – watch this space!