Most adults stay in Camp Clayton’s comfortable accommodation.
There are also on-site facilities for camping in tents, caravans and motor-homes.
Some people prefer to sleep off-site.
Children under 18 are given to the care of a Camp Parent for the duration of the camp, and sleep in dormitory-style accommodation.

As in previous years Tasmanian Mountain Waters are donating boxes of drinking water to the camp. Due to COVID-19 restrictions everyone is asked to bring their own water bottle.

The camp is fully catered: all meals and snacks are provided.
Coffee: Camp Clayton provide teas and instant coffee. For those who wish to bring their own beverages there are fridges in the dining room to store ground coffee. Coffee plungers can be brought to camp provided they remain entirely your responsibility.

Camp Clayton offer a range of special diet meals (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc) for people who have ordered them on the application form. There is a charge for these.

More information can be seen on the sub-menus to the left and on the application form.