Playing the violin is a wonderful thing to do, but imagine how awesome it would be to be able to also play its neglected but sonorous sister, the viola. I have given two violas to RSSC, and plan to run an elective each camp for violinists to experience the joy, learn the clef and explore the differences.

Being able to play both instruments will ensure you are constantly in demand for orchestras and chamber groups. Your musical life will be enriched beyond belief by experiencing music from the middle of the sound and discovering the genius of composers who created magic with their writing for inner voices.

Have I persuaded you?

You can come along for the week to try it out for yourself as an elective, or if you really want to give it a red-hot go you can join one of the orchestras as a violist—I’ll make sure to start you off on the first day with enough knowledge to get you through your first rehearsal.

There will be a space on the application form for you to sign up.

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