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LYCO in 2015


The Piccolo Strings, Intermezzo Strings and Launceston Symphony Orchestra all resume rehearsals this week, with the first rehearsal on Friday, 6th February 2015.

Piccolo Strings and Intermezzo Strings start and finish 15 minutes later: 4:15 pm to 5:15 pm.  This should ease concerns by students travelling from school.

For the complete rehearsal calendar for 2015, see the Rehearsals page.

Rehearsals remain at the City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston.


Mid Year Concert

19th June 2015 (Friday)

Winter Orchestra Workshop

3rd July 2015 (Friday) to 5th July 2015 (Sunday)

End of Year Concert

27th November 2015 (Friday)

Residential Summer String Camp

17th January 2016 (Sunday) to 23rd January 2016 (Saturday)

If you just attended the 2015 Residential Summer String Camp, or wonder what we do there, the RSSC 2015 Gallery has photographs, music and news from the camp.

Membership and Fees

There is a new fee structure this year to take into account the members who play in two orchestras.  For the current application form and fees, see Join the LYCO.