Links to the Repertoire

Repertoire for the 2024 Winter Orchestra Workshop is Tchiakovsky’s 5th Symphony.

We will be working from the Breitkopf & Härtel edition.
For the Finale we will be using the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s marked/bowed parts.
These are listed separately at the bottom of the page – either print out the TSO version of the Finale or copy the markings into your part.
Links to transposed parts for Trumpets and Trombones are also at the end of the page.

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Full Score



Clarinet in A
(see Clarinet in Bb below)




Trombone and Tuba


Violin 1 (copy TSO bowings for the Finale)

Violin 2 (copy TSO bowings for the Finale)

Viola (copy TSO bowings for the Finale)

Cello (copy TSO bowings for the Finale)

Double Bass (copy TSO bowings for the Finale)

TSO Marked/Bowed Parts for the Finale:

Transposed Parts for Clarinet Bb and Brass Instruments:

If you have any questions contact: