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2023 Winter Recordings

The 2023 Mid Year Concert and 2023 Winter Orchestra Workshop may be heard in the Galleries.

The main work of the 2023 Winter Orchestra Workshop was Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6. This has five movements, but the last three run together without a break:

  1. Allegro “Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute” (“Merry gathering of country folk.”)
  2. Allegro “Gewitter, Sturm” (“Thunder, Storm”)
  3. Allegretto “Hirtengesang. Frohe und dankbare Gef├╝hle nach dem Sturm.” (“Shepherd’s song. Cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm.”)

The track containing these three continuous movements is 21 minutes and 18 seconds long. This is the longest single stretch of playing in the LYCO’s archives. The previous longest was at the 2019 Winter Orchestra Workshop. There, the track containing the final two movements of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 runs for 15 minutes and 32 seconds.

As of July 2023, the shortest track in the LYCO archives is from the 2015 Mid Year Concert. The Piccolo Strings played from Stephen Chin’s Sixteen Sensations, with a performance of the seventh movement, Fairy Floss, completed in 31 seconds.

2022 Concert Recordings

Performances by the LYCO

The 2022 End of Year Concert may now be heard in the Galleries.

The 2022 Winter Concert is a recent addition there too, having only been edited the day before the End of Year Concert.

Composed and Conducted by LYCO Alumni

In 2019 the LYCO premiered Fraser Deeth’s composition “Timpani Waltz: or – why Timpani Don’t Play Waltzes”. Now the Tasmanian Youth Orchestra Sinfonietta have performed it, conducted by Angus Deeth (BMus (Hons)).