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From the Conductor – November 2015

What a splendid concert!  Thanks to all for being part of it – from the great start of the Piccolos to the end, massed orchestra. I enjoyed the whole evening so much.

What a great job Virginia is doing in developing ensemble skills.  The age range is heart warming to see and the pieces well rehearsed and musically performed.  I enjoyed hearing it all.

Intermezzo Strings, you did such a good job on the variations, I was so proud of the way you all worked and learned this piece which stretched everyone.  In the end it all hung together and sounded great, and I’d been a bit concerned about a couple of the variations as you would know.

LSO, I just had fun!  When ‘it works’ an orchestra is quite improvisatory – what I hear, I can work with and so our music is not just what we rehearsed, but a new creation, born of this concert.   That’s a huge thing to have succeeded at.

The LYCO just keeps improving, we are all building this orchestra, even those of you who apologise for making mistakes or feel you aren’t good enough.  I’m not certain why what we do works, but it does.  Your loyalty and hard work are like me getting a better instrument, it suggests things and creates opportunities for musical things just to happen, you’re teaching me to be a better conductor all the time, so thanks!

Have a great summer break and we’ll look forward to more of the same next year.

Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra End of Year Concert. When: Friday, 27th November 2015, 7:30pm. Where: City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston. Web:

2015 End of Year Concert

All three of of the LYCO’s constituent orchestras will perform at this concert: the Piccolo Strings, Intermezzo Strings and the Launceston Symphony Orchestra.

Highlights will include three movements from the ballet “The Seasons” by Alexander Glazunov and the combined orchestras playing the “Canon in D” by Johann Pachelbel.

When Friday, 27th November 2015, 7:30pm
Where City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston
Entry Gold coin donation


Piccolo Strings

Contredanse en Rondeau
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sunset Sarabande
Stephen Chin
Sean O’Loughlin
A Stately Minuet
Stephen Chin
The Silver Forest
Stephen Chin

Intermezzo Strings

Caprice No. 24
Niccolò Paganini
Siciliano and Allegro
Georg Philipp Telemann

Launceston Symphony Orchestra

Flying Geese
Grant Mason
Petite Suite
1. En Bateau
Claude Debussy
The Seasons
11. La Barcarolle
4. La Glace
14d. Bacchanale
Alexander Glazunov
Sorochinsky Fair – Gopak
Modest Mussorgsky

Combined LYCO Orchestras

Canon in D
Johann Pachelbel

Instructions to Members

Rehearsal Timetable for the 27th of November 2015

Piccolo Strings 4:00pm arrive
4:15pm start playing
4:45pm finish playing
Intermezzo Strings 4:35pm arrive
4:50pm start playing
5:20pm finish playing
LSO 5:15pm arrive
5:30pm start playing
6:30pm finish playing
Concert 7:15pm musicians arrive
7:30pm Piccolo Strings start playing

Concert Dress

Piccolo Strings Purple LYCO shirts or black top over black/dark colours
Intermezzo Strings Purple LYCO shirts or black top over black/dark colours
LSO All black preferred; Piccolo or Intermezzo members may keep purple shirt on rather than changing on stage

Orchestra members may wait in the church between the rehearsal and the start of the concert.

Please bring your own music stand and a plate of food to share for supper.


This concert signals the end of the year for the LYCO. There are no rehearsals in December or January. The first rehearsal in 2016 will be on Friday, the 12th of February.


Poster advertising "The Seasons" ballet by Alexander Glazunov.