Join the LYCO

The LYCO welcomes musicians of all skill levels. Some of our members joined after only a few weeks’ experience; others have been playing for decades.

Piccolo Strings

Almost any violin, viola, cello or double bass player may join the LYCO’s introductory string orchestra. If you can play a D major and G major scale, and read music in those keys, you can play with the Piccolo Strings.

Intermezzo Strings

The music for this intermediate string orchestra may range from E♭ to A major and C to F♯ minor (3 flats to 3 sharps). You must be able to play in these keys up to third position (violins and violas) or fourth position (cellos).

Launceston Symphony Orchestra

As the name implies, this orchestra contains strings, woodwind, brass and percussion. The music may be in almost any key, and use most of the playable range of each instrument.

For examples of what each orchestra plays, listen to recent concerts in the Galleries.


For rehearsal dates and times, see the Rehearsals page. A reasonable commitment to attendance is expected for the health of the orchestra.

Contact for details.