2020 Winter Orchestra Workshop

begins in 166 days.


2020 Winter Orchestra Workshop: 3rd – 5th July

Where musicians of all orchestral instruments gather at Camp Clayton in Ulverstone for a weekend to play a major work for symphony orchestra.

2019 Winter Orchestra Workshop

Another huge success: a fantastic time playing great music together, renewing old and making new friendships, and enjoying the wonderful hospitality and cuisine of Camp Clayton.

Thanks to Michael Horton for making the recording of the open rehearsal available to us.  Scroll down to Previous Workshop Galleries and follow the link to 2019 Winter Orchestra Workshop to bring back wonderful memories!

And thanks to Willem Van der Vis for bringing his enthusiasm and insight, and other exciting pieces of music to play.

Conductor – Willem Van der Vis

Willem van der Vis

Willem Van der Vis gained a BSc (Hons) in physics before becoming a professional cellist with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in 1980. He has also played with Orchestra Victoria and the New Zealand, Tasmanian, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras.

Willem has since conducted many symphony orchestras, choirs, and musicals in and around Melbourne. He is currently Musical Director of the Maroondah Symphony Orchestra. Willem also conducts at orchestral workshops, schools and music camps around Australia, is in demand as an adjudicator, and holds workshops in conducting.

Previous Workshop Galleries

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Send questions about accommodation and other administrative matters to apply@lyco.org.au.

If you have questions about the music, instrumentation or standard expected, contact Musical Director Margaret Hoban, margaret@lyco.org.au.

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