From the Conductor – June 2016

Thanks to all LYCO members, from the start with the Brass Ensemble to William Tell, what a good concert.

I know you will all have moments that you wish had been different but that is the life of a musician. What impressed me and made me so happy about this concert is that the line of the music spoke. The music wasn’t interrupted by transitions that didn’t quite work or wrong notes, it was carried by the exquisite things that did work. That makes conducting so fun, pieces are cohesive so I can work with the music, not just hold the orchestra together – the orchestra does that itself by its knowledge of the music. It was just such a good concert.

Fantastic work in the Piccolo Strings. I loved the energy of the pieces Virginia chose and the ensemble was so good. Such a good start to any orchestral program to have that excitement.

Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra End of Year Concert. When: Friday, 17th June 2016, 7:30pm. Where: City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston. Web:

2016 Mid Year Concert

Highlights will include the Intermezzo Strings playing movements from Peter Warlock’s “Capriol Suite” and the Launceston Symphony Orchestra playing the Overture to “William Tell” by Gioacchino Rossini.

Frequent concert guests may recognise the “Sixteen Sensations” by Australian composer Stephen Chin. Pieces from this collection have appeared at the Residential Summer String Camp in 2012, 2015 and 2016, and the LYCO 2015 Mid Year Concert and 2015 End of Year Concert. At the 2016 Residential Summer String Camp, the Preludio Strings played the first sensation, “Gecko Echo”. Now, at this concert, the Piccolo Strings will for the first time perform the final two sensations, “Bubbles” and “Fiddle Stick Fury”.

When Friday, 17th June 2016, 7:30pm
Where City Baptist Church, 11 Frederick St, Launceston
Entry Gold coin donation


Piccolo Strings

Keiko Yamada
from “Sixteen Sensations”
Stephen Chin
Fiddle Stick Fury
from “Sixteen Sensations”
Stephen Chin
Sea Suite
1. Shark Attack
2. Barrier Reef
3. Cap’n Jack’s Hornpipe
Kathy & David Blackwell
Stephen Chin

Intermezzo Strings

Cockles and Mussels
(Molly Malone)
James Yorkston & Edmund Forman (?)
Londonderry Air
(Danny Boy)
Traditional Irish
collected by Jane Ross
The Irish Washerwoman
Traditional Irish
Capriol Suite
1. Basse-Danse
2. Pavane
5. Pieds-en-l’air
6. Mattachins
Peter Warlock
The Addams Family Theme
Victor “Vic” Mizzy
arr. Paul Jennings

Launceston Symphony Orchestra

Melodies from Der Rosenkavalier
Richard Strauss
March to the Scaffold
Hector Berlioz
Symphony in C Major (GB115 / WD33)
3. Menuetto (Scherzo)
Georges Bizet
William Tell
Gioacchino Rossini


Poster advertising the Launceston Youth and Community Orchestra performing the William Tell Overture by Gioacchino Rossini.

2016 Winter Orchestra Workshop – Election Update

When we scheduled the 2016 Winter Orchestra Workshop, the first weekend in July looked like a good, quiet time of year to hold it. That weekend will no longer be so quiet, as the Saturday will be the day of the 2016 Federal Election. We have created a page of links to Australian Electoral Commission information on:

  • Postal voting,
  • Early voting at a polling place, and
  • Voting during the camp.

You may find it at Winter Orchestra Workshop – 2016 Federal Election.

Listening to the Capriol Suite

For the 2016 Mid Year Concert, the Intermezzo Strings are playing movements from the “Capriol Suite” by Peter Warlock. This work requires careful listening. Some moments are filled with beautiful harmonies, others are written to be so harsh that our teeth grind. How can we learn the difference?

Listening to a recording can help, especially if you read your part while listening. As it happens, the LYCO already has a recording of the Capriol Suite, made during the 2006 Residential Summer String Camp. You can listen to it in the RSSC 2006 Gallery.

2016 Winter Orchestra Workshop Applications Open


The main work will be Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 in D Major. The fee is $225, or $200 for LYCO members, with a $20 increase after 31st May 2016. The camp will run from the afternoon of 1st July 2016 (Friday) to 3rd July 2016 (Sunday).

Other details and application forms may be found on the Winter Orchestra Workshop page.

…and Summer

We are also accepting applications for the 27th annual Residential Summer String Camp.

LYCO in 2016

We hope that new and returning LYCO members have had a satisfactory break, and still found some good music to play.  Rehearsals in 2016 resume on the 12th of February.  This and dates for the rest of the year may be found on the Rehearsals page.

Other important dates are:

Mid Year Concert

24th June 2016 17th June 2016 (Friday)

Winter Orchestra Workshop

1st July 2016 (Friday) to 3rd July 2016 (Sunday)

End of Year Concert

2nd December 2016 (Friday)

From the Conductor – November 2015

What a splendid concert!  Thanks to all for being part of it – from the great start of the Piccolos to the end, massed orchestra. I enjoyed the whole evening so much.

What a great job Virginia is doing in developing ensemble skills.  The age range is heart warming to see and the pieces well rehearsed and musically performed.  I enjoyed hearing it all.

Intermezzo Strings, you did such a good job on the variations, I was so proud of the way you all worked and learned this piece which stretched everyone.  In the end it all hung together and sounded great, and I’d been a bit concerned about a couple of the variations as you would know.

LSO, I just had fun!  When ‘it works’ an orchestra is quite improvisatory – what I hear, I can work with and so our music is not just what we rehearsed, but a new creation, born of this concert.   That’s a huge thing to have succeeded at.

The LYCO just keeps improving, we are all building this orchestra, even those of you who apologise for making mistakes or feel you aren’t good enough.  I’m not certain why what we do works, but it does.  Your loyalty and hard work are like me getting a better instrument, it suggests things and creates opportunities for musical things just to happen, you’re teaching me to be a better conductor all the time, so thanks!

Have a great summer break and we’ll look forward to more of the same next year.